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Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
. you are watching "bbc news." hopes for a great partnership in the 21st century, david cameron arrived in the hopes for it -- arrived for the beginning of a three day tour. >> britain is one of the largest investors in india. i think the basis for that special relationship is there. >> back in town, hugo chavez announces his plans for the future of the country after cancer surgery. london fashion week is now in full swing. we will be seeing what is in this year. hello, welcome. david cameron says that the u.k. can forge one of the great partnerships of the 21st century with india. this is his hope as he begins his trade mission. john joins us live from mumbai. there he is. what kind of a profile is this? >> david cameron is hoping that he would get a high-profile welcome to the gateway of india behind me. there hoping that this will be a huge increase in british trade. even the chief executive. david cameron has a clear mission, he wants to double the trade that takes place between britain and india but point to 15. that is what this is huge cast of characters already in talks with bus
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
in the uk will get their first chance to vote on that question later today. prime minister david cameron is a staunch supporter. many in his own party are not. let's get more on this from our political correspondent in westminster. lots of opposition within the conservative party >> the big party in the coalition government. -- the conservative party, the big party within the coalition government. but the bill is likely to go through. >> it does have support of coalition partners. david cameron does not need to worry on that front. he does need to worry because it will open up divisions within his own party, as many as 100 of his mps may vote against the idea of gay marriage. that is because they either come from traditional backgrounds, maybe they have a religious background, or they are just from a very traditional part of the country or the idea of gay marriage just does not have any favor. >> that is the politics of it. what about the public? normally, on this program, we talk about people's worries over the economy and things like that. is there any real ups well of public opinion -
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
prime minister david cameron's bowling conservative party has split in two over his push to legalize same-sex marriages, a move that many of his own lawmakers say was wrong, not a priority for the public, and unnecessarily divisive. >> many conservatives still up in parliament to denounce the legislation ahead of the vote in which up to half of kamins 303 lawmakers are expected to reject the measure on moral and religious grounds. >> matthew and chris were the first to register their relationship at a registry office when england and wales introduced the civil partnership act in 2005. they took the chance to gain official recognition of their 40-year relationship. now the government wants to go a step further. >> the depth of feeling, love, and commitment is no difference between same-sex couples than opposite sex couples. this bill enables society to recognize that commitment in the same way -- through marriage. parliament should value people equally in the law, and enabling same-sex couples to marry removes the current differentiation and distinction. >> the conservative party made
Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
are high this time around for some kind of deal. >> british prime minister david cameron wants the eu to mend what he sees as its wasteful ways. he made his point by arriving on foot, not in a chauffeur-driven limousine. he went into the talks in a bullish mood. >> the numbers that were put forward were much too high. they need to come down, and if they do not, a to be a done deal. >> that puts him on a collision course with many other eu leaders who argue the block needs a $1 trillion budget to fight unemployment, fund education and training and invest in the future. >> i of europe goes for compromise at any cost and puts common policies, agriculture, and growth at risk as a result, i will oppose it. >> with opinions so clearly divided, german chancellor angela merkel was keen to play down the differences and talk up the prospects of reaching agreement. >> the starting positions are quite far apart. but speaking for germany, i say we will do everything we can to come to an agreement. because in times of uncertainty and high unemployment, it is essential for people to be able to plan
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
certainly that of the 15th century king, richard iii. the british prime minister david cameron is hosting key talks on the afghan peace process involving the leaders of pakistan and afghanistan at his country retreat north of london. the talks are focusing on cross border security and how to engage the table ineffective peace talks. the bbc's david looks at what all the leaders hope to gain from the summit. >> all three of these leaders have a stake in improving stability between afghanistan and pakistan. president karzai has long believed pakistan has been blocking their attempts at peace. afghanistan wants more including the former table leader. and david cameron wants stability as the british troops come home although president karzai announced a sour note saying they were leaving because perhaps they realized they had been fighting in the wrong place and that the province was more peaceful before the invasion and pakistan increasingly believe the table are a threat to their stability until recently they saw the table as clients who would serve their interests. fighting in the border r
Feb 18, 2013 2:30pm PST
venezuela of welcome president hugo chavez home. questions about his health remains. david cameron and travels to india to drum up business. in the sky is the limit tonight's big dream series. jessica is overcoming obstacles with amazing passion for life. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also or around the globe. president hugo chavez is back in venezuela. ,ith a message on twitter today his supporters stage celebrations on the streets. havingbeen in cuba cancer surgery. it is the role he will play in caracas that is under question. >> outside the hospital where hugo chavez is being treated, supporters are celebrating. after two months of treatment in is comingommandante back. >> i asked my god to heal him. he will come out of this because he is a fighter. that we havesaid arrived back in the land of venezuela. thank you, lord. we will continue our treatment here. it was characteristically bombastic. onwards to victory. we will live and overcome. it was unclear whether or not he actually tweeted that. his condition remains a mystery. on state tv they appla
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
, the 27 member states came up with a compromise that even british prime minister david cameron welcomed as a good deal for britain >> it is perhaps nobody's perfect budget, but there is a lot in it for everybody. obviously, you can look at the end result through many, many prisons. from the overall european perspective, i want to emphasize that the budget is future- oriented. it is realistic. it is driven by pressing concerns. >> the total budget ceiling over the next seven years has been tapped at about 960 billion euros. it is the first-ever net reduction. reaching a unanimous agreement between all of the eu's member countries was a difficult task. >> it is not easy reach an agreement between 27 different countries, but we've managed it, so we are now confident and positive going into negotiations with the european parliament. we know it will not be easy, but we are all agreed that what is important is that we have taken a great stride toward gaining some clarity in the eu budget. for 2014 to 2020. >> but as the leaders go home in triumph, the budget faces another hurdle that has to b
Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
and british prime minister david cameron went out in brussels securing an eu budget cut of around 3%. now merkel has defended that decision. she says the crisis means everyone has to save. >> i will say it quite plainly -- it would have been hard to explain to people in europe, both to the states hit by the crisis and those bearing the bulk of the burden of solidarity why everyone in europe has to say except for europe itself. >> but the opposition disagrees. social democrats' candidate for chancellor peer steinbrueck says merkel advocates too much austerity and too little investment. he also accused merkel of making common cause with europe's foes. >> you've made an unholy alliance with no sense of perspective. and with a leader david cameron who may want to leave the you. it is a strange alliance if your aim is to safeguard europe's future for the days to come. >> strong stuff, but the opposition is the least of merkel's worries. the european parliament has to pass the budget draft. merkel's critics are gearing up for a fight. >> europe's biggest insurer says it more than doubled profit
Feb 20, 2013 5:30am PST
is expected to last two days. reddish prime minister david cameron has laid a wreath at the signed -- british prime minister david cameron has laid a wreath at the site of a massacre. hundreds of people were killed. --ctronic giant, apple, has electronic giant apple has become the latest victim of cyber crime. cyber criminals based in russia or eastern europe could be carrying out the attack. we have more. >> someone has been nibbling at apple, the iphone, ipod, and ipad maker says it has been hit in an attack against it and other companies today said, "we identified a small number of systems in apple that were infected and isolated them from our network." it comes less than a week since social media giant facebook revealed it was targeted last month in a sophisticated attack, identified as coming from china. the firm also says it failed to compromise you their data -- compromise user data. .he story made front-page news the cyber attack on apple comes within hours of a report by u.s. company -- by a u.s. company that points out -- points a finger at china. this is allegedly the building in s
Feb 6, 2013 7:00am EST
was described as a step forward by david cameron, even though half of his party rejected the legislation. >> it is the morning after the big day, when parliament voted on whether by a couple should be able to marry. >> ayes, 400, nos, 175. >> the house of commons voted for the plan, but among conservatives more were against the than in favor and critics say that they will fight for changes as the legislation goes through its next changes. >> there is a considerable amount of vote against the bill, hopefully sending a clear message to those responsible that they need to reconsider. at the very least i would hope we could mitigate some of this. >> last night david cameron took to twitter to say the country had taken a step forward and he admitted that there were strong views on both sides, but it does not sound like the government will be offering any compromises. >> they are always looking at the detail of the bill, but i am confident that the bill as it stands has clear protection for religious organizations. >> supporters of same-sex marriage have cracked open the champagne. detractors
Feb 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
euro skepticism. i asked if she supported david cameron's attempt to renegotiate the relationships between member states and the eu. >> several years we have seen the impact of the eu on our economy. on the right of unemployment and social problems. i demanded renegotiation of a certain number of trees in order to control immigration, but also, they prevent france from projecting a certain number. as a result, i understand mr. cameron in his desire for renegotiation, even if the consequences would not be the same for his government and the government that i would eventually lead. >> last month, david cameron of for the u.k. the prospect of an in-out referendum. >> i want to do the same thing as great britain. if i came to power tomorrow, i would decide to organize a referendum within 12 months. i would give myself 12 months to negotiate the most important points with the european union, and at the end of that, i would ask the french people to have their say on the points that we manage to renegotiate any points that the european union refused to negotiate. >> the issue of immigrati
Feb 20, 2013 7:00am EST
.e. >> now, he didn't go as far as making an apology, but david cameron has become the first serving british prime minister to pay his respects at the massacre in india by forces. he laid a wreath at the 1919 massacre where british troops opened fire on many unarmed protesters. details from there now. >> that is public park where the massacre took place only 100 years ago when british soldiers opened fire on a large group of unarmed indians. even today you can see it's a huge draw. hundreds of hundreds of people visit it every day to pay tribute. here at the memorial to the victims who died that day. it's made of stone. it's in the shape of a -- and at its base you can see the white wreath placed there by the british prime minister, david camera. april 13, 1919, hundreds of people gathered here, women and children included and when the soldiers came in, they blocked the only exit out of this place. now look around you. it's completely filled up. there's nowhere to hide so when the soldiers opened fire, it created instant panic. on the wall here you can see bullet marks left behind from that
Feb 21, 2013 7:00am EST
related projects. david cameron has been urged to cut aid spending by some members of his conservative party, who say that security is needed before development can take place. critics argued that aid money should not be used to compensate defense cuts. of all the countries to give foreign aid, britain currently sits at no. 3. david cameron has pledged to protect the national income that britain has promised to spend on development. this would equate to $16 billion in 2015, money that may now be used on defense. with me now is our national development correspondent. mark, you know these stories and have traveled around africa where they happen. your initial reaction? >> traditional workers are outraged at the idea that money is earmarked for aid and should now be spent on this project. but there is an overlap here. the classic example would be sierra leone, where the british army in the year 2000 proceeded to retrain the sierra leone army. the thinking was that there simply could not be any meaningful development unless there was security. that retraining of that army was a resounding
Feb 24, 2013 1:00pm EST
they are stopping innovation unless they loosen not their ability to access existing culture. david cameron, the british prime minister has been on record saying exactly this, that addition the nation may be at stake and people may be going to the u.s. to innovate because they don't have fair use and recommend he would really like to have that protection. the canadians just rewrote their copyright by with some encode fair dealing, a long, long list of exemptions for state specific as you can do, rather than saying make up your own mind. but it should be transformative and you should be appropriate. they just rewrote so it was less of a long list of more of an invitation to make there by yourself. again for the same reason because they believe it is associated with innovation and creativity. >> host: what do you teach at american university? >> guest: unprivileged eth and our communication program. i teach courses to filmmakers on documentary films, which by the extensively use is fair use. a teacher at massÉ and phd students about the structure of higher education and i supervise research
Feb 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
to become a full member. hello. british prime minister david cameron will be visiting india in the coming days. he is still traumatized by the gang rape of a student just before christmas, who later died of her injuries. it is about indian attitudes towards women, but they also look at how it runs itself. many are accused of rape, murder, and other serious crimes. andrew north reports. >> it was an eruption that many believe was waiting to happen. the new delhi rape case has unleashed a torrent of anger at the old order, bringing a darker side of that democracy to light. the government is promising speedier trials and tougher laws. the suspected criminals this activist is investigating, he says the politicians are evading justice. >> our judicial system, it takes such a long time. they have been in the seat of power, where they can delay cases not just for years, but for decades. >> we have come to the indian heartland. it is one of the engines of indian politics, controlling the most number of seats in parliament. down the line from delhi, there is this small town. the name means "jewel,
Feb 19, 2013 4:00am EST
minister david cameron is hoping to make the uk passage to india, working on a special relationship between the two nations. we'll have the latest on his trip from dehli. >> and it's still london's fashion week, yes, strutting its stuff, but how luxury brands are faring. we talk to ceo angela aarons. we'll hear from her later in the show. >>> and taking the positive u.s. housing numbers from the nhab numbers. we'll be in new york with analysis at 11:45 cet. >> the italian election race is heating up. there is less than a week before voters head to the polls. comedian turns politician beppe grillo, in fact, is owes closing in on sylvia berlusconi for second place. official polls can no longer be published. the private polls seen by reuter s suggest mario monti may, in fact b with be something of a spoiler. >> and the election largely coming down to five key candidates. the front-runner is bersani. he's the leader of the center left pd party, calling for growth measures alongside monte's plan. sylvia berlusconi is threatening to make a political comeback despite corruption scandals. we've men
Feb 17, 2013 9:00pm EST
. >> 34 years of reporting with keefe richburg, next sunday at 8:00. >> next, david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. after that, ed miliband. and then another chance to see "q&a," with the former director of the nixon library. on the next "washington journal," talking about second terms of u.s. presidents, and the congressional research service representative discusses former presidents of the united states, including pensions and presidential libraries. "washington journal," at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> i think the women themselves in many cases were interested in politics but had no vehicle to express that in their own lives, so they were attracted to men who were going to become politically active or were already politically active. >> what i find intriguing is probably half of them, historically, i think half of these women would be unrecognizable to most men and women on the street. >> this president's day, c-span airs its new series. historians, chiefs of staff, curators, and others exploring the ladies who served as first lady, from martha washing
Feb 18, 2013 12:00am EST
, next sunday at 8:00 on c-span2 n/a." >> next, david cameron takes questions at the house of commons. after that, a house hearing with two military nominees. then the annual state of the indian nation speech by the president of the national congress of american indians. on the next "washington journal," douglas brinkley talks about the second terms of u.s. presidents. wendy ginsburg from the congressional research service discusses the benefits of former presidents of the united states, including pensions, offices, and libraries. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> british prime minister david cameron talk with members of the house of commons on wednesday. to go slaughterhouses have been rated since the inquiry began last month he also discusses the european economy and the budget code. this is just over 30 minutes >> mr. speaker? the horse meat scandal has undermined confidence in the safety of the food we eat, but threatens a very successful wheat industry. can the prime minister assured me that this government will follow every lead until each individual p
Feb 8, 2013 4:00am EST
this is -- well, we'll wait for julia. it's being portrayed as a victory for david cameron. right. because cameron wanted to at least freeze the eu budget. what's interesting, though, if this does happen, what it suggests for britain's contribution, will it be going up? there are a lot of different ways in which this could play out. infrastructure, research and development, those kinds of things. >> while we wait for julia, let's bring in marshall alexandervich. marshall, thanks for joining us. how much does it matter what happens with the eu budget? for governments, it's easier for them to go back to the lecture and say you're dealing with austerity, don't worry, we've cut the budget. >> well, i think it's a political move more than anything else. the sort of cuts we're talking about are purely symbolic. the eu budgets, 1% more, 1% less. i think what does matter is that they take home a victory from brussels saying we have austerity here. it gets them a few points in the uk prep. but beyond that, i'm not quite sure how much impact it will have on the european economy. >> okay. stay there. julia i
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
bowl victory. first, a look at more stories making news. >> british prime minister david cameron holding talks with the leader of afghanistan and pakistan. there are aimed at preventing the spread of instability in the region when nato troops withdrawn by the end of next year. they issued a joint statement. >> a belgian man convicted of murder and child rape appearing in brussels for a parole hearing. he was sentenced to life in jail for kidnapping, raping, and holdings 6 rose prisoner. four of them died. >> in egypt, opposition parties as one activist has died after being beaten and tortured by police. the ministry of the interior has not commented on the claims. the activist disappeared last week during anti-government protests leaving at least 60 people dead. >> tens of thousands of mourners have massed in the cambodian capital as the kingdom cremated their former king, norodom sihanouk. he steered them through six turbulent decades. >> it was part of a week long funeral that started with a plan lavished procession to the city of phnom penh. he died of a heart attack in octobe
Feb 20, 2013 6:00am PST
raksawong has details. >> prime minister david cameron paid his respects at the scene of a notorious massacre that took place in 1919 when india was a british colony. the first serving british prime minister to visit the site, he labeled the incident deeply shameful. cameron has on a visit to india aimed at forming deeper economic ties. cameron laid a wreath at the memorial of the massacre in northern india. in april 1919, a group of british soldiers, without warning, opened fire on an unarmed crowd after a period of popular unrest. british reports said 379 people were killed and 1,200 wounded, but india's pro-und pen dense movement said the real death toll about was 1,000. many historians considered the massacre to be a turning point that undermined british rule, inspiring ghandi and the independence move tonight embark on a path of civil disobedience. on wednesday, cameron wrote in the visitor's book that the bloodshed was deeply shameful but he stopped short of making an apology. >> translator: we want him to apologize to the families of those who were killed in the massacre becau
Feb 7, 2013 4:00am PST
followers lashed out about recent gun violence. >>> across the pond british prime minister david cameron has auctioned off a meet and greet with justin bieber. just one problem, the biebs had no idea this was happening. the winning bid came in at $15,000. money that is supposedly going towards campaign funds here. somebody goofed up because he didn't even know what was happening. do you like this list here? this list is from forbes. they just released the most disliked athletes in america. tiger woods there making the list thanks to the many women in his life. man at this te'o got a spot thanks to the make believe woman in his life. and lance armstrong easily to the front of the pack to become america's most disliked athlete. were you surprised to see jay cutler? >> and a-rod. >> he's had his troubles in chicago and then there was the whole text thing where he proposed via text message. >> and neon deion is saying, thank you, i'm no longer in the running. >> he's almost squeaky clean now that he's on tv. >> and you have to do that. >>> this next one comes to us from wafs in huntsville, alaba
Feb 6, 2013 5:30am PST
against prime minister david cameron's leadership on the issue by voting against it. the same-sex marriage bill now have to be passed by the house of lords. fbi investigators have broken up a $200 million credit card fraud ring in the united states. 18 people have been charged after dozens of houses were rated in new jersey. the suspects allegedly duped credit ratings agencies and used thousands of fake identities to steal from credit cards. the economic crisis that the greeks are enduring is well known, but not so well publicized in the impact of redundancy, tax rises, and unpaid bills, the impact it's having on people's mental health. >> behind the faces, there's a growing given toll, the mental trauma of the economic crisis that for many is proving too much. >> we have many more people facing difficulties with depression, with emotional disorders, with anxiety disorders. we have many, many more suicides. [indiscernible] it's a problem for our society. >> a mental dexterity has never been busier. it's counselors operate in every quarter of the country. a suicide hotline received up to 10
Feb 10, 2013 2:00pm PST
, david cameron, has reinforced comments about scotland remain part of the united kingdom. scotland has a vote on an independence referendum next year. he abolished scotland could profit alone but says it's better off in the u.k. and one russian republic, a town noted for its silver craft has old masters trying to ensure their skills are passed on to a younger generation. >> he sits in his museum of memories and treasures. for more than 70 years, he's been turning silver into spectacular pieces of jewelry and ornamental art. at 82, he is the grand master. craftsman here have been engraving silver for centuries, passing their skills from father to son. he sits in the cloud in the mountains. some regard this russian republic as one of the most dangerous corners of europe. but here, it's hard to see why. what is so striking about this place is not just its beauty and isolation. it is the community's determination to maintain their traditions. at the school in the village, the children are carving out what their future careers might be. he's been teaching here for years and has no plans to
Feb 18, 2013 5:30am PST
taken some of the biggest business leaders from the u.k. with him. david cameron wants to double trade with india to $35 billion. >> the sky's the limit as far as i'm concerned. it's about business, economy, trade, but also about culture, diplomacy. and the will be one of the leading nations in this century. we want to be your partners prevents why i'm here today. >> thousands of people have been protesting in an egyptian city of ports said. they're angry about a death sentences handed to 21 people for their involvement in the tragedy. now more. >> there's a growing sense of isolation here. people are demanding justice. they are also demanding that their dignity restored. the way security forces dealt with the clashes here last month's. >> they killed my brother. he has six children. >> my son and his father went out to buy lunch. there were walking by the police station. there was a shootout. bullets from above the station and in front of it and then my son fell to the ground. his father took him to the military hospital, but the head died on the spot. a governmentant fact-finding mis
Feb 4, 2013 4:30am PST
the vice- president is making and he will meet with david cameron tomorrow. >>> former president bill clinton will be meeting with speakers of mayor ed koch. mourners will gather at manhattan's temple emanuel. the israeli couldn't slate is -- consol late is also -- consulate is also scheduled to speak. >> and hundreds gathered in arizona to say goodbye to a bluffed school -- be loved school bus driving who tried to protect 20 children on his bus. he shot him -- jimmy lee dykes shot him and -- jimmy lee dykes shot him -- jimmy lee dykes shot him and then took a five- year-old and held him in an underground bunker as has been holding him ever since. >>> the fog may be -- i will let steve explain that, i saw some on the san mateo bridge and that's why we have a meteorologist on our staff he can explain that stuff. it does look good for the bay bridge toll plaza and when you get there, it has been light at the toll plaza with no major problems. i want to check out san jose downtown, it does not look too bad, northbound 208 traffic is moving a -- 280 traffic is moving along well. >> coasta
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
400 to 1 7 -- 400-17 a. the bill has been championed from david cameron. >>> police arrested a driver accused of hitting a woman and her two young children and then fleeing the -- fleeing the scene. >>> it's already getting a little colder. rosemary orozco will show you about the studies ahead. ao >>> a new study confirms what many drivers here, know. san francisco has some of the worse traffic in the country. the texas transportation institute ranked the bay area -- ranked the bay area in the top three in 2011. washington, d.c. topped the list, followed by los angeles. clocked roads cost the average commuter $800 a year in lost time and gas. >>> gas prices are on the rise, once again, in california. statewide regular gas is an average of 3.93 a gallon. up 2 cents overnight and 30 cents up above from a week ago. and in san francisco, the price at the pump is 3.93. in san jose, gas is 3.87 a gallon. in oakland, it's 3.85. the spike could only get worse. some refineries are already starting to convert production to cleaner, summer blend gas and that can cause a short-term drop in supply
Feb 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
won several industry awards. the british prime minister david cameron is making a three-day visit to india next week. he will be arriving in a country still traumatized after the rape of a deli students, who later died. -- of a new delhi student, who later died. many of the politicians are, themselves, accused of rape and murder and other serious crimes. andrew north reports. >> to w ministers in the largest indian state, also accused criminals. one is charged with rape. the other, attempted murder. down the line from delhi, the city where the man has his power base. it has been six years since he was charged with raping a local woman. the ministry is meeting constituents when we arrive. it they are asking for his help. he says the rape charge has been invented by his political rivals. >> this is a conspiracy. the charge was slapped on me during the last government. this is why i won the election by 30,000 votes. >> a lot of people find it hard to understand how ministers such as yourself up whole lot if they are facing serious charges themselves. >> just charging someone is not e
Feb 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
wants to be your partner of choice. that was the message which david cameron delivered in mumbai today. going to india, cameron is leading a delegation of more than 100 british c e zero's and investors to strengthen ties. the divide between rich and poor is one of the greatest in the world in mumbai. >> the competition for the most vibrant, noisy, an overcrowded city on earth, mumbai would be right up there. the contrasts and contradictions are striking. >> wow. a is 30-years old, businessman. they are thinking of upgrading. he went out on a test drive. >> the back and the front of this car looks the way it does with the lights. aside when they see you. that is a fantastic feeling to just accelerate. >> not everyone is able to live in mumbai's fast lane. all cities have their divisions between rich and poor. rarely do you see it in such an extreme form as you do in mumbai. there is no running water and sewage runs down the alleyway. this is nothing like as bad as it gets. one person describes this as a middle-class slum. where do you wash? >> this woman showed me around her 1-room hous
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
is championed by prime minister david cameron. charlene israel has the story. >> the yeas to the right, 400, the nays to the left, 475. so the yeas have it. >> reporter: it is the first of several votes required for the u.k.'s marriage bill. if it becomes law, the legislation would enable same-sex couples to marry in both civil and religious ceremonies, as long as the religious institution consents. >> today was do we accept the fundamental principle of gay people being allowed to call their union a marriage. i'm glad that we do. >> marriage is a great institution, and it should be there for people who are gay, as well as people who aren't. that's why i have pioneered this change. >> reporter: the vote went cameron's way, but it cost him popularity within his own party. more than half of his 303 conservative lawmakers voted against or abstained from voting for the bill. >> for many people, yes, it is a non-issue. but to a lot of people, they feel this is maybe the straw that has broken the camel's back. >> who are we, who is this government, who is this country to determine and, impose, nat
Feb 7, 2013 4:30am EST
minister david cameron has auctioned off a meet and greet with justin bieber. just one problem, the biebs had no idea this was happening. >>> and finally, forbes has just released a list of the most disliked athletes in america. tiger woods makes the list. manti te'o got a spot thanks to the make believe woman in his life. and lance armstrong easily to the front of the pack to become america's most disliked. >> a-rod is pretty far down. >> among there, jay cutler. and he proposed to his girlfriend via text message and mailed her the ring. i don't know how he got on the list. >> he and -- they butted heads. >> you're going apast my knowledge of sports. i am surprised manti te'o is on the list. there you go. >>> this next one comes to us from wafs in huntsville, alabama. 7-year-old jean-marie jr. was with his mom when he noticed posters about suicide prevention. after learning what they meant, he launched his own campaign. the message is clear, anyone who wants help will get it. they just have to ask. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today
Feb 7, 2013 7:00am EST
are close to the uk position. the french suggest david cameron may have to back down a bit. >> a compromise is possible, but we must be reasonable, so we need to reason with those who want to cut the eu budget. >> one of the front lines in the battle of the budget is here at the european union -- european commission. the cost of running the european union is actually a relatively small part of overall spending, yet some governments say that staff numbers and salaries must be cut here in order to reduce that spending. some eu workers went on strike this weekend against that idea. they point out the ee you is being asked by its members to do more with potentially less money -- the eu is being asked by its members to do more with potentially less money. >> i am george alagiah. the top stories this hour -- a black day for australian sport. widespread doping is uncovered, as well as allegations of match fixing. we are going to stay with that story. with me is an australian cycling journalist. we want to talk about much more than cycling. this really is shocking -- it would be shocking in any cou
Feb 8, 2013 6:00am EST
, mr. president, and you shouldn't hide behind david cameron. you are faced with a choice between two opposing camps and you've made quite clear what choice are going to make, so go ahead and make the right choice. don't choose the camera an option. who wants a little by little to unpick and unravel the european union. i do going the way of european parliament for an eu able to meet the challenges and you need to come out and say that quite clear as your fellow citizens. mr. president of the republic. [applause] [speaking french] >> translator: i want to thank you for having got the budget treaty ratified in parliament because that's a good sign for europe, but i looked long and hard. i don't see what's happened to your 120 billion euros. where have those billions gone, mr. president? please tell us. we are legislators. and we are men and women of goodwill, but we have a responsibility to our fellow citizens. we get here to talk, teen ago she, you need to know that there are points which we won't give ground on. first of all, there is the question of flexibility. we need to have genui
Feb 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
with the resources required. >> david cameron arrived in mumbai on monday to trade. he also hopes to resurrect a contract. new delhi has chosen their rival for the jet as part of a deal, but that has not been finalized. nato says it will work with afghanistan to implement a ban on airstrikes in four and a -- residential areas. he is supporting a decree by the afghan president following the death of 10 people last week. in iraq, a series of car bombs have ripped through baghdad. up to 37 people were killed. the targets were markets and restaurants in mainly shia areas. >> in the middle of the morning at the start of the work week, coordinated car bombings. this is what it looks like after one of the bombs was detonated in a shia area in baghdad. exploding in a vegetable market in northeast baghdad. in southeast baghdad, a car bomb ripped through another market. a lot of the attacks target security forces, but these were aimed at civilians. >> what have these innocent people done to deserve this? >> explosion after explosion. they have asked themselves the question for the last 10 years. a parti
Feb 25, 2013 6:00am EST
with david cameron, british prime minister. later this afternoon, he will travel to swrerm any. part of his trip is the friends of syria conference in rome where he will discuss the ongoing civil war this syria. some members of the opposition, though, are threatening to boycott that meeting. >>> another confirmation battle could be looming, this time for john brennan as cia director. john mccain says he's not ruling out putting a hold on brennan's confirmation. he wants more answers about last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. the arizona senator put a hold on chuck hagel's confirmation process for secretary of defense. but a vote on the former nebraska senator is expected tomorrow. >> u.s. military leaders are denying accusations of soldier brutality from hamid karzai. karzai ordered all u.s. special operation forces out of the wardak province. a stronghold in central afghanistan. u.s. forces were involved in the kidnapping, torture and murder of afghan civilians and suspects. this comes on the heels of car guy his forces from calling in nato air strikes in area
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